Grotto & Gift Shop

The Grotto and Shrines in Dickeyville on Holy Ghost Parish grounds are the work of Father Matthias Wernerus, a Catholic priest and pastor of the parish from 1918 to 1931. He built the creation of stone, mortar, and bright colored objects from all over the world between 1925 and 1930. The Grotto is dedicated to love of God and love of country. There is almost as much rock under the ground supporting the rock structures as appears on the surface! “I have succeeded a thousand times better than I ever thought I would,” said Fr. Matthias after building the Grotto. “They come from far and near, non-Catholics as well as Catholics, and find that here is something that appeals to them in a religious way. Here is something that touches their hearts and raises their thoughts to God.” There is also a gift shop on the grounds. Learn more at